When my best friend, Archer, got a hold of some ibuprofen from atop the counter, the vet said he had potential kidney damage. To help, she suggested making his own food using human grade ingredients to help alleviate the work his kidneys would have to do. Lucky for Archer his dad is a chef and had no problem making his food.

After 2 years I've never looked back at the store bought shelves of dog food and he is as healthy as ever. After seeing recall after recall of a severely unregulated system, I knew I made the right choice. After reading ingredients impossible to pronounce or determine their origin, I know I made the right choice.

Now I'd like to help others feed their best friend the best possible way.

The Story of 9 Puppies

Tuesday, June 4, Vader went into labor. We had a kiddie pool with a blanket situated in the sunroom for her to give birth, but instead, she chose the white leather couch she spent most of her life lounging on.

As the puppies were being delivered we placed them into the pool to help keep them corralled and comfortable. Four boys and four girls were delivered by that early Tuesday evening and Vader would lay in the pool to feed her puppies.

We wanted to document and determine which were which so we concluded that determining by weight we could see who was first born and so on. We weighed all eight puppies and placed them in a laundry basket then replaced the blanket and cleaned the pool. All the puppies were eager to get back into the pool to eat, so off they went.

Wednesday, we followed the same procedure that night. Weighed all eight puppies and placed them into the laundry basket, removed the blanket and cleaned the pool. Four healthy boys and four healthy girls.

Thursday, again, same procedure, weighed all eight puppies and placed them into the laundry basket. However, one puppy was severely underweight! After reweighing all the puppies few times, we became concerned that with eight puppies trying to feed, somebody was struggling and couldn't eat, and into the basket they went with a plan to find a way to feed the little girl. 

I removed the blanket and THERE WAS A NINTH PUPPY under the blanket hiding this whole night! The underweight puppy was just born that Thursday afternoon! Still alive and with no major issues being born two days after her siblings, we were astonished and elated that all nine puppies were now, in fact, healthy and hungry.

To help identify the puppies we resourced colored collars and referred to the puppies as such, white was that ninth puppy, she lives with my ex-wife and blue was the last to be adopted and I decided he stays with me.

And that is the story of 9 Pups Dog food.